5 Commonwealth Ave. Woburn, MA 01801

5 Commonwealth Ave. Woburn, MA 01801

Mascon Medical Offers Supply Chain Expertise to Supply Medical Professionals With High-Quality PPE

WOBURN, Mass., May 20, 2020 (Newswire.com) – Over nearly four decades, Mascon Medical has built a reputation for quality, transparency, and ethical business practices around the world. The company’s medical division is carrying on this tradition every day by giving customers status updates on goods in the pipeline, with regular updates on changes (e.g., when a shipment has cleared Customs). Mascon Medical excels in many areas of the supply chain including (but not limited to) compliance, vendor management/auditing, quality control systems, total cost of ownership, supply chain logistics, and customer service.

“We live in a new supply chain paradigm where traditional just-in-time supply chain and distribution strategies cannot meet the exponential increase in demand. Everyone from Hospitals, First Responders, Federal, State and Local Governments, Schools, Manufacturers, Hospitality, Retail, F&B Outlets, etc. must adapt from a just-in-time model to a just-in-case model. The organizations that can adapt the quickest with medium and long-term planning for just-in-case will win. Mascon, Inc. has nearly 40 years of experience working with its customers and clients on maintaining continuity of supply and planning for the just-in-case while allowing its customers to pull from our managed inventory in a just-in-time model,” says CEO and President of Mascon Medical, John R. Chen.

As China continues to tighten export restrictions on masks and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Mascon Medical is working hard to continue globally sourcing and supplying a wide variety of medical professionals with high-quality, low-cost PPE. By tapping into its large supply chain of FDA, CE, CDC, and NIOSH-certified suppliers, Mascon Medical has been able to exceed expectations in procurement and delivery of PPE since the inception of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mascon Medical has procured over 3.3 million PPEs globally during the four weeks preceding April 22, 2020, with confirmation of shipments occurring daily. These shipments include the N95 NIOSH, KN95, along with the three-ply surgical masks that are in high demand for all industries in the U.S. including healthcare, logistics, distribution manufacturing and retail.

John R. Chen, CEO and President of Mascon Medical explains that “Mascon Medical is currently working with many Massachusetts public and private organizations on long-term strategic planning for ensuring the security of their mid and long-term PPE and supply chains and sharing best-practices for workplace safety.”

The team at Mascon Medical is proud to be serving the healthcare community by placing shields between the sick and healthy during this critical time. We’re looking forward to adding you to our fast-growing customer roster.


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